Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction.
    The www.eldan-cargo.com (henceforth "the website) is an informative site for the Eldan Cargo 2000 Inc., and you are invited to use the website subject to your acceptance of the terms and conditions specified below.

  2. Use of website and the services and content it offers, such as downloading of files, media (images, videos) and contents offered to the users may change according to the type of content. The website administrators reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions specified here without warning or publication in the website.

  3. Intellectual property.
    The website and all its content including the website design, programming code, media files (graphics, videos, images and texts), downloadable files and all other materials available in the website are the sole property of the website and constitute the intellectual property of the website and can not be used without preapproved written permission of the website administrators. 
    In addition no dissemination, copying, duplication, publication , imitation or processing of code parts, graphics, videos, trademarks, or any other media and content can be performed without preapproved written permission of the website administrators.

  4. Website Content
    While we strive to provide you the information presented in the website without any interruptions, there can be situations in which due to technical considerations, third party failure or other reasons, the website will not be accessible. Accordingly we cannot guarantee that the website will be accessible at all times and there will be no monetary compensation due to interruption of service or the website being down.
  5. Links to external websites are not a guarantee that the external websites are secure, trustworthy or of high quality. Accessing these accounts is done out of the user's  own volition and is the responsibility of the user alone.

  6. The content offered in the website is in the sole ownership of www.eldan-cargo.com  and should not be used in ways not specified in article 3 above unless it is otherwise specified or in cases in which the copyrights belong to an external party. In these cases the terms and conditions should be checked in the provided link and act according to terms and conditions specified in the external website.

  7. Website users and visitors management.
    The website management reserves the right to block any user either by IP address, the MAC ID or the computer accessing the website , or country of origin without providing any explanation acceptable to the user.
  8. The management of the website and its employees will do all in their powers to protect the privacy of the users registered in the website. In the event that a third party was able to gain access to information, it is agreed  that the website users will have no claim or complaint from the website management.

  9. Disclosure
    This website may use cookies and internal statistical interfaces to keep anonymous statistic documentation of users, users traffic analysis , surfing habits, clicking analysis and duration in site. At all times, except from users connected to the website, is totally  anonymous and doesn't  contain the user's name or any other user identification.

  10. Jurisdiction
    While using  the website or when there is  any dispute, you agree that above mentioned is under the sole jurisdiction of the Israeli law using the Israeli court system in the Tel Aviv district.